our first days with the little miss- a list

What have we been up to these last couple weeks?
Thanking God for his graciousness... Miss Piper is a champ eater, a pretty good sleeper (well, by newborn-baby standards) and quite the cuddle bug.  Maybe it's because we had super low expectations going in, but Having A Newborn Round 2 has been way less of a shock to the system than Round 1 was.

Trying to soak in Piper's little new baby smell, her still-too-small-for-all-her-clothes teeny-ness and the way she still scrunches into a ball at every chance.

Missing Burke (he's been in Lubbock with Jord and her fam this week)... he is having a blast with his cousins and doesn't miss us nearly as much as we miss him!
Laughing at the funny faces of Piper Jane.
Happy Hour!
Trying, unsuccessfully, to whittle my to-do list.  I think I crossed off four items this week (even without Burke around).  The first two items on the list were "Rest" (after a serious talking to from my mama) and "Get Piper's days and nights switched back."  I definitely accomplished those two and am going to count that as success for the week.


It's a GIRL

Miss Piper Jane, born at 3:31 am on Sunday. 6 lbs. 14 oz, 19 inches long. We are completely smitten!

ps- Her labor and delivery were so. much. less. traumatic than Burke's!  I'll put together a complete rundown sometime soon, but thought y'all should know that their arrival stories are at totally different ends of the spectrum. :)