halfway through the week of treats

Since Adam's summer break is a whole 4 days this year (man, times have changed since the May-through-August hiatus at GCC), we're opting to stay around here for our 'vacation.' And since staying around means we don't have any travel costs, we've deemed this the "week of treats" and have filled our days with all sorts of goodness.

Some of the agenda:
-the zoo (burke thinks all the animals say, "mooo," "ruff ruff," or "roar,"... we're working on it...)
-the pool
-Sonic, lots of Sonic
-working on the basement (the treat here comes after our work when all the projects in the basement are done and not hanging over our heads anymore)
-date night downtown (Lime and ESPN zone)
-shopping for new running shoes and perhaps even some clothes
-Kimiko's cosmo's
-Chick Fil A
-sewing and crafting (me)
-watching basketball (adam... well, me too, but this is where crafting/sewing comes into play)

Mostly it's just terrific to have some time as a family (and even some time just as me and Adam- Evette and Mark are keeping Burke overnight tomorrow!) before the craziness of boards studying fully kicks in... More pics to come! :)


absolute craziness

I'm sure y'all have picked up on the fact that as our life gets proportionately crazier, my blog posting becomes more and more sporadic. Case in point, our last couple weeks have included Adam's finals, throwing two birthday parties, throwing a baby shower, running the half marathon, a couple kojo orders, a few memorial day weekend grill outs and then just the busyness of our sort of full life.

And so I've missed a few things that I thought I'd catch y'all up on.

First of all, two days before Burke's birthday was Evette's birthday. And I love Evette. She is one of the few nice mother in law's in the world. So happy birthday Evette... very, very late (the pics are of the joint Nana-Burke birthday party last week... yep, he is definitely eating a 100 calorie cupcake... and he is the only kid under the age of 13 who loves opening a gift box full of clothes... haha!).
Also, a few random and assorted things... baby showers and sweet friends and gardening and burke's comrades. It's a party around here, y'all.

baby shower goodness

joanie's dance recital

burke LOVES cousin sean

annie and burke 'helping' us garden


my favorite two year old

I can't explain the excitement I felt as our Atlanta-to-Dubai flight landed. I tore through Dubai International Airport, dashed through customs (well, as much as you can dash through customs... mostly I shifted my weight between one foot and the other like you do when you really have to pee and sighed impatiently and loudly as much as possible... c'mon people... HURRY UP!), grabbed my two giant suitcases, and sprinted off to find Jord, Drew and my newborn niece! What a sight it must've been- the mixture of emotion, the tail end of 20 hours of travel, and 115 degree heat... running just as fast as I could... in heels... something to behold, really. Luckily, Drew is easy to spot in a crowd. I might've left my 300 pound duffle bag behind when I spotted him, I can't quite remember.

And then there she was! I wish I could accurately describe the moment... Keadryn was absolutely more perfect than I could've imagined... gorgeous, as teeny as could be, all wrapped in pink (despite the crazy heat), one of those actually-beautiful newborns. I was smitten! And I still am! She gets funnier by the day, has such spunk and personality and the ability to capture hearts in a glance.

I love you Baby K (though I can't believe you're two already)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


the big O-N-E

Burke and Annie celebrated their first birthdays in style yesterday! Adam's grilling plus a whole spread of other delicious food (prepared mostly by kimiko, evette and my mama), fun little first birthday touches (aren't those crowns darling? also kimiko's doing), and a CROWD of friends were the perfect way to ring in year #2.


happy birthday baby boy!

From the teensiest little peanut who had to wear premie onesies for the first month to my chubby cheeked snuggler with an affinity for finding dangerous objects (and trying to eat them). How did a whole year go by so quickly??? Happy birthday burkey baby!


colfax half marathon!

Today was the day, y'all... The weather was perfect, the race course was beautiful (all of the uphill parts were in the first 8 miles), and there was no walking involved! I've loved training for this half marathon with my mama... I'm sure there are more of these posts to come.


drew bo baby

I intended to put one picture of Drew on here to wish him a happy birthday and found so many gems along the way that this turned into quite the montage. But he's worth it. Seriously, I love this guy more than I can say. Happy birthday Drewbobaby!


happy mother's day!

To my mama and to Jordi and to my sweet friends who are spending their days with littles (and not-so-little-anymores)- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I am proud to know you and encouraged by your perseverance and commitment to your kids. I aspire to be a better mama myself because of your influence. Love you!


linky love

This is so fun, y'all! The kojo blog has been featured several craft sites lately... It's sort of a silly thing to be excited about, but I am... and so I thought I'd celebrate with y'all! :)

The wine-bag-from-a-cloth-napkin tutorial was featured on craftgossip and dollar store crafts. And the embroidered t-shirt that I made for jen's birthday was featured on one pretty thing. Fun, huh???


advice to my pregnant self

Today is May 2nd. One year ago today was my last day of teaching before I went on maternity leave... In the same breath, that seems like a lifetime ago and a minute ago.

As I was giving Burke a bath tonight, I was thinking that, were I permitted, I'd love to run back to May 2, 2008. Not to re-live that point in time, but to whisper a few words to my year-ago-very-pregnant-self. You see, I had all sorts of crazy ideas about the year to come and I think it might've been good to hear a dose of reality...

This is what I'd say:
-Goodness gracious- stop worrying about labor and delivery. There will be a baby, an actual, living baby here in a couple weeks. Worry about that.
-I know people always say this, but your mind cannot comprehend, not even a little bit, how much you're going to love this little guy. He'll absolutely captivate your heart.
-Maybe you should do some research about HELLP syndrome. It's scary stuff. Wait, scratch that, don't research anything. That information may do more harm than good at this point.
-The glimpse you'll get into the heart of our Father by loving burke is absolutely one of the most amazing things you'll ever see. You know how you've always wondered if the Lord can care about teeny little things (like if you're lonely or having a bad day)? In caring about those things for burke, you'll have a better understanding of our Father's compassionate and loving heart for the small stuff.
-Breast feeding is way, way, way more difficult than you think. You should know that going in.
-It gets easier, though, the breast feeding. And it's a darn good thing, too. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any breastfed babies in the world, just ones that were breastfed for the first month until their moms quit because it was too hard. And too painful.
-For the first time in your life, you're going to be a worrier. You'll worry about food intake and output and about how to know if something is really wrong and about SIDS. Even worse, you'll worry about things far down the road, like whether junior high will be as rough on this teensy weensy as it was on you. The silver lining is that trusting God in the midst of serious anxiousness is a new (and very freeing) experience.
-Soon, you'll measure the amount of sleep you get in terms of uninterrupted chunks instead of the amount of time you were in bed. Like, "I got 4!?! uninterrupted hours of sleep last night" (even when you were technically 'in bed' for 12 hours... since only 6 of those were spent sleeping, it doesn't seem fair to label it otherwise).
-Call Jordi and mom and tell them that the Itsy Bitsy is coming early. If they want to be here for the birth, they'll need to move up their travel plans.
-This adventure of parenting is way more of, well, an adventure than you know. More fun, more delight, more laughter... just more.

ps- The fabulous pictures above were taken by our oh-so-talented friend Gwen about 8 hours before I went into labor. :)