fixin' it

"I fixin' it, Mama," is Burke's favorite phrase lately.  His definition of tools is rather loose (tonight he fixed his toy truck with scissors, and then with a hot glue stick), but his passion for tinkering is clear.  Or maybe he just likes hanging out with his dad, who always seems to be fixing scooters or motorcycles or something around the house. :)

ps- I know many of you keep up with Adam's dad's health stuff through their caringbridge site... if you hadn't heard, though, things have been pretty rough these last couple weeks.  We sure do appreciate your prayers...


a cowboy in his heart

Burke's friend Elijah has these light up Toy Story boots.  Burke loves those boots.  So, imagine Burke's sheer delight on Easter Sunday when Elijah gave Burke a package containing his very own pair of The Boots.  Seriously, y'all, I wish you could've seen Burke's face.

And now, Burke would wear those boots every minute of the day (and night!) if I let him.  I walked in the kitchen to find The Boots paired with his plaid shorts and polo shirt the other morning; Burke had put them on to replace my ever-conservative shoe choice (brown sandals).  And when Lita and Papa babysat the other night, Burke was wearing his boots over his pj's when we arrived to pick him up.  Best of all, when he wears them out in public, he is constantly tugging on someone's pants leg and sticking out his foot to show them his boots.  Like I said loves those boots.  He's a cowboy in his heart?


look how far they've come...

Today we hung out with our friends Heidi, Owen and new baby Henry;  Burke adores Owen (loves him!). So, when we got home, Burke and I found a couple of pictures of them as brand new babies (Heid and I were due just a few days apart) and then as little guys (maybe 7 or 8 months old-ish). 

I kind of can't believe how big they are now... And seriously, how fantastic is that top picture of them a week or so old- hahahahaha!



During Lita's spring break last week, we headed over to the zoo together.  Given Burke's affection for seagulls, it should be no surprise that the highlight of this little outing was feeding the lorikeets.  Oh goodness, y'all.  He kept saying, "I'm excited!" and chasing the poor creatures around the exhibit.  And, more than a week later, we're still talking about giving the birds their 'juice.'  Funny kid.


happy easter!

He is risen indeed!  Happy Easter, friends!