the wild rumpus!

The combined 2nd birthday party for Annie, Burke and Addison was quite the rumpus indeed (our theme was "Where the Wild Things Are").  Between the little red boats, moon pinata and Max crowns that the Egy's made and the delicious food (can't take credit there either- it was all Kimiko and Jenny), Paul's reading of Where the Wild Things Are, and of course, FABULOUS company, we had a terrific night!  The photo booth that Adam made was also a hit- sure to be back at Cocktails and Mocktails. :)  I love birthdays!


happy birthday burke-y baby!

bringing Burke home from the hospital 2 years ago

I woke up this morning thinking, "How can Burke be 2 already?  How can that be?"  But he is!  Funny things I want to remember about our now 2 year old:
-He's in a sort of naughty stage right now... and if he isn't pleased with you, he'll throw whatever he's holding or hit whatever is near him.  This never fails to get him in trouble, but he seems to think it's worth the consequences.  Also, I love the way subs out "n" for "t" in the word naughty so it sounds like "Nonny." 
-He loves to know what people are up to.  He's constantly asking, "What doin', Mama?  What doin', Dada? What doin', Ern (Aaron)?" usually with his head cocked to the side and sometimes with his hand on his hip.
-Because of the Mercer Mayer book, "There's an Alligator Under my Bed," he associates the word 'garage' with alligators.  If he hears the word garage (which is pretty frequent right now because Adam is building a garage later this month), he bares his teeth and chomps his hands like an alligator jaw.
-He loves Chick Fil A.  Wonder where that came from.
-He makes everything into a shark- staplers, sticks, my craft punches... He uses these 'sharks' to attack anything in close proximity.  All boy, I tell you.
-His undying affection for books.  The kid loves. to. read.  He begins most interactions with a book in hand and this demand, "Read it, mama (or dada, nana, lita, papa, etc.)!"  No "please," just "read it!"  Also, he has favorite authors and series' (Kevin Henkes, Robert Munsch, Mercer Mayer, the Berenstein bears books, and Curious George books) and LOVES Where the Wild Things Are.
-Other current passions include: gardening, his boots, trucks/cars/things that move, Toy Story, the sesame street characters, certain types of monkeys (he loves gibbons, gorillas and orangutans), Sonic, Toby (Evette's dog who does not return his affections), whales and his extended family (especially his cousins, "Heenah," "Kead," and "Saya). 
-He adores his 'Bawble' (the Jesus Storybook Bible that we read each night) and loves to pray with us.  Sweet boy.
-He chose sprinkle cupcakes with sprinkle frosting for his birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Burke!


sad sad day

Many of you have heard this already, but Adam's dad died Saturday morning.  We are so thankful that he isn't suffering anymore, but can't tell you how much we'll miss him.

If you're local, the funeral is at 2:00 on Friday at Village 7 Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs.  We'll have a little party at the Gentry's afterwards.  We'd love to see you at either one.



When my brother told me he was coming into town at the beginning of May for a 'golf weekend,' I was elated!  I love any chance to see my siblings- and Burke has a special affection for all of his uncles (he's a boy's boy to be sure).  Between dad and Aji's four (yes, four) rounds of golf, we squeezed in a steak-artichoke-german chocolate cake birthday dinner, a tour of Bass Pro Shop (Burke loves the Big! Fish!), some gardening (the boys seriously planted the whole garden on Saturday... I'm thinking of it as a supersweet Mother's Day present), a Rockies game (where Aj cheered for the Phillies), and as much hanging out as possible.

When I tried to explain to Burke that Aji had to go home again to see Aunt Trish, he told me emphatically, "Nope!"  Hahahaha! 

That's how I feel, too, buddy... that's how I feel, too.


ummm.... yep

This is the result of my sweet husband getting our son dressed to go to Lowe's.  And I didn't change him. 


our pint-sized gardener

Despite all indications otherwise, it seems that Burke has, in fact, inherited a few Ludwig genes... a love for plants and growing things being one of them.  He can tell you which plants are which, he knows how to water the garlic, rhubarb and 'salad' (lettuce), and he is delighted by the mere sight of the rototiller being wheeled towards our patch of mostly-dirt-with-a-few-heartier-plants/soon-to-be-garden.

Yesterday, when he was 'helping' my dad and Adam spread some compost, he told me, "Burkey lucky!"  Hahahaha!