the word of the day: vomit

Today I cleaned up vomit. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

In that picture above, Burke is watching Toy Story 2 and wearing the first of 8 different outfits. I had to change that many times, too, because he mostly threw up on me and then made me throw up too... You should see my current fashionista combo of spandex-y capri yoga pants, high fuzzy socks and one of Adam's sweatshirts; the pickings are slim around here until the laundry finishes up.

It was a rough day. I hate it when he's sick.


not quite jord...

So, y'all know that my sister has quite the eye for taking pictures. I do not. However, I am going to join her in doing the 365 Project for the next year (you take a picture a day for a year).

My goals:
- get better at taking pictures of everyday life, especially people
-have 365 pictures to document the next year (I should say, I love this part!)
-put the pictures on here at least once a week (I changed my mind- I think I'll just put them on here... :)

Should be fun. And funny. And if you want to see pictures taken by someone that actually has an eye for this stuff, you should go see Jordi's 365 Project blog.

Care to join me?


no. more. february. please.

Usually February is a long month for me. The combination of gray and snow and the fact that it just isn't March yet (nor is March coming quickly enough) does me in. This February has been especially rough. For whatever reason, I had a particularly short tolerance for snow and cold this year. Pair that with an early cold spell (October), way more snow than usual, and a notable lack of our fabulous 60 degree weeks that we can usually expect (in Denver) to punctuate the frigid weather, and you have one very cold, miserable girl.

However, four weeks from today, we are headed on a family vacation to the beach. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this. Burke and I looked at pictures of our resort/town online all morning (now he knows the word, "beach"). Then we went to Target and found him some little beach buckets and a surf shirt to protect his fair little skin from the hot hot sun. That's what I'm holding onto y'all, the hot hot sunshine. 28 days. I can make it, right?

***For those of you who live in rougher climates than Denver's mildness, I'm sorry for complaining. I have a new friend that just moved here from Philly and said yesterday, "You guys are SO spoiled!" And she's right, we are. But that's the thing, I think that whatever you're used to becomes your standard, and so my standard for snowy, cold winters is set alarmingly low.


family time part 3

burke LOVES aji and trish!
pausing to take a picture in front of burke's absolute favorite- the walruses at the museum of nature and science... he talked all morning about showing aji, trish, and papa the walrus (lita's already seen it- probably more times than she cares to remember)
having dinner with trish's good friends liz and brooke (both came to denver to see trish, cute, huh?)
how aji and trish spent most of their time in denver (too bad I didn't get a picture of burke and trish reading together as well!)
more museum of nature and science
I had to include this one, just because I wonder how a picture could turn out so awkwardly... what's on burke's eye? and what is aji doing? I should note that trish knew that it'd be bad as we were taking it. unfortunate all around.

We've been so lucky this last couple months to see all of my siblings and their families. I've especially loved the fact that we've had the chance to see them all separately and spend some actual time with them (though, it always goes too fast still!).

To wrap up the Family Time Tour, Aji and Trish came to Denver for four days last week! We loved spending time with them, going downtown, checking out the museum of nature and science, watching the olympics, and just generally having a chance to hang out with them. Burke ADORES these two, and they added all sorts of fuel to that fire by spoiling him rotten and reading to him for hours while they were here (a little tip- if you want burke to love you, read to him. It never fails!).

There's going to be a day in a couple weeks where Burke wakes up and wonders why we aren't hanging out with either Jordi, Drew and the girls, Aji and Trish, or Kiji and Pat. Right now, he still talks about them all the time like they're just across town, so it hasn't sunk in that they don't, in fact, live here. Hopefully I don't have that realization for a couple of weeks either, because it'll be a sad, sad day when I look at the calendar and realize that the next time I'm going to see these lovelies is months away... For now, I'm just celebrating their visits and how fantastic they are. We sure do love those guys.


gifts we've received lately...

I mean, we won't be able to use them until, oh, August 16th or so. But aren't they adorable???

ps- Jordi, I know that us waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl Eats. Your. Lunch. Still, you have to admit, those little elephant onesies from Aji and Trish are too cute, even in their gender-neutralness!


oh albuquerque airport

On our way home from Lubbock, Burke and I had a layover in the Albuquerque airport. As we walked toward the flight observation deck to watch planes land and take off, I had all sorts of funny stories to tell Burke. Maybe it's the emotional quotient, but I have a strange attachment to the Albuquerque airport and the memories it brings back for me.

See, Albuquerque is the closest (bigger) airport to my hometown, so I've done a lot of flying out of that airport. And since most of those flights were pre-9-11, I also have a lot of stories (with lots of emotions) associated with those flights and that place.

Burke and I walked past the gate where dad and I left for Grove City College in August of my freshman year, and where I bid oh-so-tearful goodbyes to my family many times following that (did I emphasize oh-so-tearful? I was usually still crying in the St. Louis airport, which is where I usually flew through on the way back to school).

I showed Burke the gate where we waited and waited and waited for Jordi's homecoming from her year as an exchange student in Argentina. There was a whole party of us and a huge, glittery, yellow "Welcome Home," sign. Unfortunately, she missed her flight from Miami, but we didn't know it (oh the days before cell phones), so we were waiting for her for hours. And how sweet it was when she finally appeared at the door...

One year, we took our Ludwig family picture on the flight observation deck. Jordi was leaving for Argentina that very afternoon, so it was sort of a teary picture. I should find it for y'all. And we welcomed our exchange student, Ivannia, from Costa Rica at the Albuquerque airport that same day. Whew. Like I said, emotional.

Anyhow, while Burke and I were watching the planes, I snapped a couple of pictures of the flight observation deck (above)... Funny stories, funny place, funny that I love it so much.


what to do on a rainy day...

Put together the snack time of champions (a fort + dress up clothes + cheetos and fruit snacks)! There are more pictures at Jordi's blog... :)


airplane survival plan

Travelling on airplanes is not a new thing to Burke and I... However, last week's trip to Lubbock was the first flight we've taken in 6 months or so and I had a feeling I might need to be a bit more, mmm, prepared for Burke-as-a-traveller than I've had to be in the past. Motivated by the knowledge of Burke's limited ability to stay put, especially for 6 hours in a row, I had a many pronged airplane survival plan.

Part 1- A dvd player (paired with Praisebaby [do your kids love this like burke does?] and Toy Story 2). Adam had an amazon gift card and we put it to good use.Part 2- New stuff. An Elmo magnet book, a Toy Story dry erase board and new felt shapes for his felt book... I made him shapes of things that he loves currently (a walrus, a hippo, a gorilla, an octopus to replace his old one that he tore all of the legs off of, even a little elmo). They were a hit.

Part 3- Snacks. Cheezeits, fruit leather, fruit snacks, goldfish, pretzels... you name it, we had it. Oh, and I got him a new Toy Story snack bowl from the dollar bin at Target to hold said snacks.

Part 4- Other reading material. Y'all know about Burke's fond, fond affection for books. I hid some of his favorite books a week before we went to Lubbock and brought them out on the plane. Delight, I tell you.

And, I have to say, the flights weren't that bad. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of them, but the flights themselves went relatively well. Victory!

If only I could figure out how to get my family to live close enough that I wouldn't need an airplane to see them. If you have any tips for me in this regard, I'm all ears. :)



Y'all know what happens when I see Jordi... I end up with a treasure trove of fantastic photos. Here's a little taste:Wait until you see the pictures of dress up and the fort... Burke was dressed in an owl vest, a cowboy hat, indian princess pants and a feather boa (there's a notable lack of boy-themed dress up clothes in Keadryn and Sayla's stash). Jordi's still editing, but the pictures are fabulous! I can't wait to show you...



Oh how it does my heart good to be here with Jord, Drew and the girls... We haven't been 'doing' all that much, actually. Little outings to Target and the awesome kids consignment store that they have here and to their family's small group, but nothing 'big' per say. It's kind of nice to just hang around, get some kojo stuff done (though that was all Day 1- there has been very little productivity since), do some baking (magnolia cupcakes topped with Jordi's amazing frosting... mmmm...), watch the cousins delight in being together, and, actually, to feel a similar delight myself.

Life has been a little crazy lately and it is such a reprieve to slow down and just be around people that I love! We still have 4 days here... I'm excited to soak it in.

fun finds?

Hey guys! This is just for those of you who have blogs... we're doing a Friday Fun Finds where anyone can participate at the kojo blog tomorrow (well, every friday, really, but tomorrow is the next one).

You can link to a recipe, something you made, something you saw that someone else made, a product you love, anything that's fun that you found lately. We'd love love love it if y'all would participate. :)

Thanks guys!