monday catch up!

At my sweet sister's request, I finally put together a little catchup post. And I actually have a list of ten for today... I mean, it has been a month, but whatever works, right?

1. Christmas was fabulous... we celebrated at Evette's (sorry, no pics!)...
2. ...at our house...
3. ... and with my parents/siblings (don't you love that picture of the boys?). Burke's not going to know what to do when we have just one "Christmas."
4. This year's family ornament exchange was the best one to date. The two merman were hits (Adam stole the one Kiji's holding ["Dr. Fish"], so I am now the proud owner of that one... Adam told me it'll be the crown jewel of our tree next year). Hilarious.
5. Along those lines, this year's Ludwig Family Drink Competition was amazing as well. Keje and Pat pulled out all the stops (coordinating attire, dry ice, THE WORKS) and won with their "Grinch" entry. Adam and I were the runners-up. Again. Have I told y'all how many times we've gotten second place in this darn contest? I'm not bitter or anything.
6. Jord and I are doing another craft competition- Project Run and Play (like Project Runway, for kids). It's fun, but super nerve wracking. Our goal was to make it to Week 2 (and we did- that little dress on Piper Jane was our entry for Week 1...). The other designers are crazy talented... So fun!
7. Joanie was our model for this week's dress. Isn't she a doll?
8. Jordi made all of these sweet headbands for Piper Jane for Christmas. I LOVE them. Between the headbands and the shoes Aaron and Leslie gave her, all I have to do is find a basic dress or shirt and pants combo and she's good to go (and well accessorized at that).
9. Burke says "W-ery" instead of "very" right now. My favorite is when he says, "Mama, that's wery amazing!" That's him with his Wery Amazing whale puzzle from the Carpenters.
10. After our trip to the zoo last week (and a rare treat of feeding the larikeets), Burke keeps telling us, "That Piper Jane- she's chirpin' like a larikeet." Hahaha!