fabulous glorious news

Most of you know that my sister Jordan is due just three months after me... today she had her ultrasound and found out that she is having another baby GIRL. YEAH YEAH YEAH!

I cannot tell you how this delights my heart, mostly because one of my most treasured gifts from the Lord is my sisters. Jordan and Kedron are the first people I want to call when Adam and I get good news, or when we get bad news... they are the people I call when I see something random at Target or come up with a crafty idea. They are some of the only people on earth (the only other contender here being my mom) I feel comfortable asking to take a midnight baby shift or to clean my house while I take a nap after the Itsy is born. They have seen me at my very worst and celebrated with me during the most special occasions of my life. I truly can't imagine walking through my life, not my childhood, not through the craziness of junior high and high school, not through college, and not now through the new joys and challenges of being a wife and starting a family, without these girls. I have prayed that my niece Keadryn would have people in her life to be the support, encouragement and voice of reason that Jordi and Kiji have been for me. And the news that she will have her very own sister is fabulous, glorious news! :)


thankful again

I have been thanking the Lord for His goodness to us lately. We've been overwhelmed by the way that God has used His people to provide for us and bless us.

Specifically, I am SO thankful for all of the people that have given up their Saturdays and rearranged their evenings and weekends to help us work on the basement. Many of you have called Adam and said, "We're coming over... what time works for you?" I'm sure it delights the Lord to see his people serving each other. And it delights our hearts to have such caring, thoughtful, selfless friends. (The best part of these pictures is how much more has been finished since I took them... the rooms are now taped, textured, painted, and after a little cleaning, ready for carpet!!! WOOHOO!)

Megan, Heidi and I are all due within 2 weeks of each other.

Girl brunch at Heidi K's

Supercute cupcakes at my school shower

I also have been overwhelmed at people's generosity in giving us stuff for the Itsy Bitsy. There have been a couple more showers in the last week or so and Adam and I just look with disbelief at the pile of teeny clothes, bouncy seats, tummy time contraptions, nursery decor, travel beds, diapers and other tools that will surely make our lives easier in the next year or so. More than that, it has been so fantastic to spend some extra time with the girls that I love lately and such a blessing to see the care and planning that friends have put into these showers and their gifts. Y'all know that one of my love languages is giving and I feel extravagantly cared for.


tiny blooms

I came back to my classroom today to find teeny tiny flowers scattered across my desk with a drawing of a little girl crying and a note that says, "My hart has been torchured and broken to say good-bye." It's not a new thing to stumble upon little piles of tiny blooms- it happens every spring. But today it struck me as a symbol of all of the things I am going to miss about teaching next year. I think that sometimes I take the notes, flowers, crystal figurines, homemade conglomorations of glitter, construction paper and glue and little echoes of "I love you, Mrs. G." for granted.
Perhaps it is because I have been looking forward to being a stay-at-home mama for so long, but I didn't realize the sadness that would come with leaving my little school in the ghetto. I will miss these kids. And I will miss this job. And next spring, I'll miss finding piles of wilted spring flowers with precious notes on my desk.


movie star

Ashley: Mrs. G., you look like a movie star with your sunglasses on your head like that.

It doesn't take much around here.



"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Our pastor has been teaching about this verse for the last several weeks. Today he talked about the word "good" and how our idea of good and God's might be very different. In our world, good means things work out for our benefit and according to our plans. But Pastor Robert argued that actually, "good" means that God is working in all circumstances in a way that will make us more like Christ.

Which got me thinking about the things that I just don't understand about my own life lately... it has been a sort of stressful season around the Gentry house. We don't know exactly how we're going to provide for this Itsy Bitsy (student loans?), we feel really unprepared to be parents (though I keep hearing that you never quite feel ready... right?), it seems like our to-do lists are never ending, and the unsold flip house has been a burden of worry, sort of hanging over me like a dark cloud that steals my sleep and gives me a constant pit of anxiousness in my tummy.

As I talked to God and to Adam yesterday about the "good" in this jumble of chaos, one thing kept coming to my mind: humility. I can be kind of a jerk when I think that there is one best way... and I really like things to be neat and tidy and planned out (the word "control freak" comes to mind). Pretty much, our life is the opposite of neat and tidy and planned right now... and my "one best way" for the flip house- tons of research and budgeting- just isn't working out as I'd hoped.

Pray for me on this journey to humility and graciousness. I desire to be the type of person who has the mercy to restore people and disperses grace liberally about things ranging from finances (and real estate- haha!) to parenting and beyond.

And I'm sorry I've been less than humble about life in the past. As you can tell from the craziness that has ensued in my life over the last several months (no jobs for next year, still unsold flip house, no idea how in the world to take care of the little one that will be here in a month, financial chaos for next year that no amount of budgeting or planning can solve), I just don't have my stuff together. Sorry I hold you to a standard that I can't meet myself.

Just so you know, the rest of this series at church has been phenomenal. You can hear yesterday's sermon (it says it'll be up by Tuesday), and the others about Romans 8:28 here.



Adam: I thought that plumber guy was really nice... you know who he reminds me of?
Me: Who?
Adam: Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove.


cutie booties

I know that I have a whole blog devoted to creative pursuits and projects, but these were too cute not to share. My sister Kedron found the pattern for these booties, and they were relatively easy to make (though kind of labor intensive.) The finished product is totally worth it, though!



The last couple of months have been very full- full of work, full of re-evaluating, full of preparation, full of list-making, full of prayer... and full of thankfulness to the Lord. In the midst of uncertainty and limbo, I have been reminded of so many areas that are sure and certain and bring more blessing than I can say to our life. One of those blessings is friendship. The Lord has given us such an incredible group of friends here in Denver and sprinkled across the globe!

On Saturday, the girls from our small group scheduled a day of "pre-baby pampering." It was incredible to have a day of pedicures, lunch, presents, onesie decorating, baby talk and relaxation. One of the other girls in our small group is due a week after me, which has been an amazing source of encouragement and support throughout this pregnancy. In the midst of the craziness and busyness lately, I am so thankful for a day to slow down and be well taken care of by good friends. Thank you Lord for friends and rest and taking such good care of us.


baby welcoming music

One of our childbirth class homework tasks is to compile a couple of lists (and then playlists) of songs that are 1) energizing or 2) soothing to play in the delivery room. Y'all would crack up at some of the songs that make me want to turn the radio up and stay in the car, even if we're already at our destination (Hips Don't Lie anyone?). But actually, this list-making activity has sort of just lingered at the bottom of our to-do lists (I think I have about 10 songs on each list so far... perhaps we could just put those on repeat?). Suggestions anyone?


oddly enough

In the world of "pie people" and "cake people," I fall into the pie category... In fact, I can eat an entire strawberry rhubarb pie by myself over a span of a couple of days. And I LOVE having pie for breakfast (mom, I know, it pains you to read this). However, I am not so much a cake person. At least, not in my "normal" life.

The last few months, though, all sorts of foods that I'd normally pass on sound really good to me. Like cupcakes. And donuts with 2% milk. And even occasionally cheese fries (I'm not a huge fan of fries OR fake cheese so the combo is especially surprising). I wish I could say that I've started craving some exotic fruits and veggies, but my newly revised tastebuds seem only interested in sugar-y, highly processed foods. So much for my body "knowing what the developing beebs needs" huh?


overheard last week in room 45

“Why are you asking me? I’m not very brilliant at that.” Manuel

“That’s as bad as selling your family.” Ismael

“I keep telling my brother to stop pooping, but he doesn’t listen.” Manuel

“Mrs. G., is your life going to be very treacherous next year?” Ismael

“I learned that big kids are great.” Deondre

“My anger problems are as bad as a goat with a whole family in his corral.” Ana



We took a tour of the “mom-baby” floor of the hospital a couple weeks ago. We watched a dad giving his Brand New Little a bath in the nursery… and I cried all the way home. I just kept imagining Adam in that same place in a month and a half, and thinking about what a terrific dad he’ll be, and what a proud papa moment that’ll be for him, and I was completely overwhelmed with excitement.

Those moments are becoming more frequent- the excited ones. But I’ll be honest, I am also super scared about this whole “becoming parents” stuff! I like our life… a lot. I like traveling and snuggling on Saturday mornings and date nights and latenight conversations. Even though I am certain that this new season will bring more blessing than I can imagine, it is still hard for me to think about letting go of our old life, a really good life.