Two glories of having a baby girl- dresses and accessories! And Piper Jane rocks the leggies. :)


tuesday catch up

Burke got his hair cut Monday! I LOVE his long blonde curls, but they were a bit out of control. I have to be honest, I miss the wildness. But it'll grow back, right?

We had the perfect 'family night' the other evening- we rented a movie, had a Chick Fil A picnic, lounged in our jammies. Fabulous... Though, we also have had a serious case of the Terrible Twos running around. It's definitely not all Cozy Picnics around here.

We were guests on MADE on Friday. I love that blog, so it's so fun to be Dana's guest!

I made a bunch of other versions of the tea wreath this week (for a couple of submission projects) and now have four tea wreaths at my house. Anyone need one?

Little Miss Priss is right on the brink of crawling. I kind of would rather that she'd just stay still- haha! I might have to start vacuuming and mopping more often.

Seeing Burke and Piper love each other is the highlight of my day... he reads to her and she giggles at him (and grabs his hair- haha!). I know it won't always be like this, but it is so. darn. sweet.

Loved watching the boys at Wings-and-Poker night... too funny!

Headed here this weekend with some girlies... counting down the hours!


out of the doghouse

The other day, we were having a bit of a rough morning around here. Burke was just being a stinker. I was more than a little frustrated with him.

And then, as I was making lunch, I heard Burke's voice coming from Piper Jane's room. I walked in to this:
Burke: Piper Jane, that's John the Baptist. Pretty cool, right?

Hahahaha! Melts my heart, that one.


tuesday catch up

1. I got to go to Lubbock last week to meet Teeny Evie and hang out with the rest of the Remkes. I never cease to be amazed at the miraculousness of babies being born, families growing, seeing my sister in action as the best mama to her girls. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous that she has three girls- oh the sister goodness!

2. I LOVED hanging out with Keadryn and Sayla during my trip. It was so fun to have the chance to give them my undivided less-divided attention (funny how much energy Burke takes!). We had a "Cozy Picnic" with cocoa and popcorn and baked cookies and played beauty shop (you can kind of see the plethora of clips/bows in my hair in the picture above- I'd say at any given point, I was walking around with 30+ accessories adorning my hair). I adore those girls.

3.  The Little Miss got her first tooth!

4. We got kicked off Project Run and Play last week with our Vintage Vail entry. It's ok with me. :)

4. Burke calls Zaccheus (the tax collector from the New Testament) Yo-kius! I hear him sing, "Yokius was a wee little man and a wee little man was he... " and laugh every time (the pics have nothing to do with "Yokius," but I love that they show how expressive Burke is right now- hahaha!).
5. Adam washed/cleaned/vacuumed the car for an awesome Valentines Day present (no pic of the car, sorry! One of the gifts I gave Adam was a love-note-on-a-string, pictured above). I got a couple other little gifts from him, too (including a work out DVD I've been wanting and a promise to run with me on my short runs, which, if you know Adam involves GREAT sacrifice), but the clean car was my favorite. Has all of this time with Adam turned my love language to Gifts of Service?
 my heavy sweet running partners
6. Speaking of 'short runs,' I'm getting back in running shape so mama and I can do a half marathon in May. It feels simultaneously great and absolutely terrible. It feels so great to be running again, but getting in running shape is awful. Plus, pushing the stroller, Burke and Piper Jane must add at least fifty pounds of resistance. Whew!


tuesday catch up

Our bits of big news right now:
1- Piper Jane is eating 'real' food. I should rephrase- she's tried rice cereal twice. But since she won't take a bottle, moving onto other variations of sustenance is good news for me.
2- Burke loves brownie batter. Who doesn't, right? I love it that in this picture he's still in his jammies. That means that either we were doing a little early morning baking or we stayed in our jammies all day. Both are feasible options.

3- I hate February. Winter in general is not my favorite and February signifies that it has already been cold for, well, for too long. And yet, it still will be cold for, well, for too long. Ugh. Can I go back to the beach for a month and meet you back here in March when there's a glimmer of hope for Spring?