smart like dave party

One of our best friends finished up his PhD in new testament this summer (he's been working on it for seven years!). We're SO excited for him, so, of course, a kickin' party was an order. ;)

Add in the fact that every party is better with costumes and the fact that we could double up with Halloween and our Smart Like Dave costume party was born (people dressed up as characters from literature and history- well, in theory... I think most people figured out their tie to history/a book at the party itself, which made for some super funny conversations- haha!). Congrats, Rev. Dr. Morlan- we're so proud of you!
dave and renee- aka the Old Man and the Sea
of course, we set up the photo booth (LOVE the fabulous costumes!)
piper jane, errr, annie oakley, was a huge attraction... you should've seen caroline, alissa and burke all kissing her feet- hahaha!



I have a NEPHEW!  
We're SO EXCITED for Kiji and Patrick! Welcome to the family, Easton James!!!

Also, Jordi may be in Denver December 2-5, which is great news for those of you who've asked about her possibly taking your picture! She's running a Christmas photography deal where she'll take your family pictures AND make your digital Christmas card design for $100 (you even get a cd of pictures from your session to print as you please!). She only has four or five spots open, so let me know ASAP if you're interested.

A few of my favorite pictures she's taken lately:

Fun stuff around here! :)


emerging from the fog

To be honest, these last couple months have kind of been a fog. I think adjusting to two little ones, doing the no-sleep newborn stage and trying to figure out what was making Piper Jane cry all the time kind of buried me.

The great news is that in the last week or two, we've turned a corner around here. It feels like some semblance of 'normal' has returned, like we're getting into a routine, re-entering the world and finding our groove as a family of four. Burke is still naughty as can be, but I'm going to blame that on him being two... And, it turns out that Piper Jane is quite the content little sweetheart when she's not in pain. She's smiling all the time, which just melts our hearts.

Oh how I've missed you, normal life (well, normal-ish life)... it's nice to be back.

ps- If I've dropped the ball on something I was supposed to do for you, or if you've gotten in touch and I haven't gotten back to you, I am so sorry! I probably should've been making a to-do list along the way, but I didn't, so if you still need something from me, please let me know!


the 'small' festival

Last weekend, we met up with the Fischers and mom and dad at the Botanic Garden's fall festival... Every 'fall-ish' attraction was available (pumpkin patch, hay rides, tractors, trick-or-treating, fall crafts, etc.) and Burke LOVED it! Even better, he keeps calling it the "Small Festival," hahaha!


for the aunts

Instead of trying to explain Piper Jane's chubby(er) cheeks, little budha belly and recent shift to a cheerier disposition to Aunt Jordi, Aunt Kiji and Aunt Trish, I thought I'd just take some pics of the happy girl herself. :)

ps- The white-onesie-with-the-ruffled-skirt-and-fun-accessories combo was Trish's suggestion... good idea, right?



Burke loves Piper Jane.  Like, seriously, LOVES her... He especially loves to give her kisses (that deserves its own post, actually) and to bring her little gifts while she's sitting in her chair. Usually, he brings her toys. Yesterday, while we were playing outside, he brought her grass. She looks super interested, huh?