go get yourself some free shoes!

Hey friends... Just thought I'd let y'all know that there is an October giveaway over at the kojo blog where you can win some GLORIOUS ballet flats, courteous of Jordi's amazing interchangable-shoe idea that she had while perusing an article on shoes in RealSimple a couple weeks ago. :) Seriously, they're fantastic. I just keep wearing them with different adornaments. And since you could win some for free, you should check it out (I'd love it so much if one of you won!).


an annual reading of babyproof

This weekend, Burke and I came down with some sort of hell-ish stomach bug. You know the kind. Yuck.

So yesterday afternoon (with everything in my pantry and fridge still yelling off-limits) I settled on a chaise lounge in the backyard, pulled out a library book that I check out annually and proceeded to read and read and read. Oh and get a bit sunburned (as a total aside- how great is a fall day if you can still get sunburned? fabulous!).

But back to my yearly reading of Babyproof by Emily Giffin... If you haven't read it (and actually like lighter, chick-lit-ish reads), pick up a copy next time you're at the library. Even though it is slightly smut-esque, each time I read it, I am overwhelmingly thankful for my husband and my life. That in and of itself is enough reason to read this book once a year.

I haven't quite put my finger on why exactly this book has that same effect year after year... I guess that sometimes the everyday-ness of life slowly wears down the wonder (or even notice) of the tremendous blessing that is my husband. I think that at the beginning, I maybe paused more frequently to think, "I cannot believe this... this person that is almost too good to be true somehow returns my feelings of affection and is willing to put up with my quirkynesses... what!?!?!" And now, every once in awhile, I think it's good to be reminded of that truth.

With all of the craziness and stress that has been dental school and the rest of this last year, Adam remains an incredible gift- and one not to be taken for granted. If I were to piece my life together all over again, there are all sorts of little bits that I would swap or change. But I would not in a million years want a different husband. Thanks for the reminder, Emily Giffin. :)

burke pics

The side bonus to having Jordi in town- every time she leaves I have fabulous pictures of burke to share with y'all. I love how these ones capture his little personality (and his current fascination with airplanes- haha!).


I know that the rest of the world loves fall (and actually, I do too... if only it weren't the sign that my beloved summer is over I think I'd love it even more), but today I did something that I HATE doing. I packed up my summer clothes... Away with my sandals and tank tops and summer-y dresses and out with the ballet flats and sweaters. Tragic.

As some grand symbolic gesture from the Lord, it snowed a little this morning. It's September 21st. Sheesh.To cheer myself up (and give y'all a glimpse of life lately) here's a picture of the most adorable little monkey you ever did see... my niece Sayla Grace... Darling, huh? Almost enough to make me smile on this most gloomy of days....



I was just wondering if it's silly to have an annual happy birthday post to every member of my family... but then decided that one of the reasons I love birthdays so much is that they give me a chance each year to celebrate the people I love and be thankful for them.

So happy birthday mama! You are so much of what I aspire to be- generous, caring, compassionate, organized, a woman who trusts the Lord, hospitable, selfless, disciplined... I love you.


guess who's 30?

Happy birthday Adam!


jake + amy

My cousin Jake got married this weekend... what fun to see our extended family (have I mentioned how much I love them?), hang out in the mountains, and celebrate Jake and Amy's nuptials with a seriously fabulous party! Welcome to the family, Amy!

***I'm certain y'all know me well enough to know that these fabulous photos were taken by Jord and her phenomenal eye for detail... lest you think I've suddenly developed the most fantastic picture taking skills ever and come to expect it- haha!:)