tuesday catch up

Since I'm pretty sure I'll never have a list of 10, I'll just call this little feature Tuesday catch up, ok?

It's been SO fun to have Adam home this last week... Things have been crazy around here, but a fun kind of full- mostly hanging out with friends (which I don't ever take pictures of- bummer). Here are the things I do have pictures of-
1- The Denver Aquarium! My dad took the day off to join us and Burke LOVED it. Seriously, for a little while there, we couldn't get him to slow down enough to actually look at the exhibits because he was giddily running to and fro. I think his highlight was petting the manta rays, but every time I ask him what his favorite part of the aquarium was, he tells me something different.

2- Zoo Lights. Again, Burke was lovin' life. Lita and Papa came with us... a little hot cocoa, a little Christmas music, winter bundling all around, so fun.
3- Leslie's 30th Birthday Surprise Party. I am so thankful for this girl and so glad we had a chance to celebrate her. :)


tuesday catch up

Ok, so as predicted, I don't have a list of 10. :) But I do have a little catch up for today-
Dental School prom (round 3) was last weekend… dinner and dancing and even a photo booth! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a single not-blurry picture of the two of us (bummer!). But we had a blast hanging out with friends from dental school and celebrating the end of the semester. 5 down, 3 to go.
Still crafting and crafting and crafting around here. This wreath was yesterday's installment.
LOVE Piper Jane’s green ballet flats (seriously, could they be any cuter?)! I keep planning outfits around them. Thanks Aunt Leslie and Uncle Aaron.
Our Anthro-inspired Knot Quilt won the finale of SYTYC! YAY! And double yay that SYTYC is finished!

Adam being off means trips to the zoo and dinner with friends at Tocabe (if you live in Denver and haven't eaten here, try it!) and working on the house and renting movies and Chinese take-out. No pictures of any of that, but, trust me, it's been glorious. :)


ten on tuesdays? or something?

Hey friends. Jordi just posted about how she's going to do lists on Tuesdays as a way to play catch up (and be more consistent) with her blog. I don't know if I can commit to every Tuesday, or to having a list of 10 things (I might change my goal to two or three on tuesdays- haha!), but I'm going to try. :) I definitely beat Jord in the Terrible Blogger contest. But you already know that if you're reading this. :)

Today's list (I realized it's Wednesday... just so you know):

1. I know I said awhile back I feel like we're emerging from the newborn fog a little. And that's true. But our life still feels absolutely chaotically crazy. Hence the lack of blog posts. Sorry. The eight parties/showers I've helped with over the last month is part of the craziness... as are Adam's final exams... and actually, the rest of this list is a picture of the chaos as well. :)
2. I went up to Idaho to meet my nephew Easton last month. SO COOL. He's such a mellow baby. And I think one of the coolest things in life is to watch people transition into a new season. Seeing my baby sis and her hubs as parents was amazing. Easton is a lucky little guy. I also got to stay at my brother and sister-in-law's house while I was there and am so thankful that I got to spend some time with them.
3. Piper Jane is really coming into her own. That's fun to watch. She is definitely not as low-key as Burke was, but her little full-body smile lights up the room. She's even slept through the night a couple times this week (YAY! YAY! YAY!).
our project for the SYTYC finale- an Anthropologie inspired quilt
4. Did I tell y'all about So You Think You're Crafty? It's a craft blog competition, sort of like Survivor, that Jordi and I have been a part of for the last couple of months. This week is finale (we made it to the end! hooray!). If you have a few minutes, you should go check it out. Crafting for SYTYC has taken a ton of time these last couple months, and I'd be lying if I said that I'm not ready for it to be done. But it was fun and we made some great friends as well.

5. We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving. I didn't take nearly enough pictures. It was so fantastic to have some time to hang out with Aaron, Leslie, Hannah and the Dallas crew. SO fantastic.
6. On that note, Little Miss Hannah (our niece) is stinkin' adorable. Those cheeks... I just can't get enough of them. I love it that Piper Jane is so close in age to Hannah- what fun.

me  and jord at baby evie's shower/bbq
7. Burke, Piper and I took a little detour to Lubbock on the way home from Dallas to hang out with the Remke's. I wish I could describe Burke's love for his cousins (Hannah and Easton included, even though they aren't in Lubbock). I love watching that.
8. Burke asks for 'more snuggles please' whenever I put him down for his nap. I love that kid.
9. I have been crafting like a banshee. I should've taken a picture of the stack of 24 (yep, twenty four) packages of stationary that I printed out the other night. Goodness. And my sewing machine has been earning its keep as well (partly because of the quilt I made for the finale of So You Think You're Crafty, partly because of the Christmas gifts I need to start finish up).
10. If I could describe myself in a word right now, it'd be 'frazzled.' I am absolutely at the opposite end of the Having It All Together spectrum. In fact, currently, I'd take it to have one thing together. Tell me I'm not the only one having trouble adjusting to adding another baby to the mix?


trick or treating with nana

Burke was all about trick or treating this year- moreso when he figured out that he'd get candy at every single house! And he kept telling people that he was a "force" and Piper Jane was his cowgirl- love this kid.


smart like dave party

One of our best friends finished up his PhD in new testament this summer (he's been working on it for seven years!). We're SO excited for him, so, of course, a kickin' party was an order. ;)

Add in the fact that every party is better with costumes and the fact that we could double up with Halloween and our Smart Like Dave costume party was born (people dressed up as characters from literature and history- well, in theory... I think most people figured out their tie to history/a book at the party itself, which made for some super funny conversations- haha!). Congrats, Rev. Dr. Morlan- we're so proud of you!
dave and renee- aka the Old Man and the Sea
of course, we set up the photo booth (LOVE the fabulous costumes!)
piper jane, errr, annie oakley, was a huge attraction... you should've seen caroline, alissa and burke all kissing her feet- hahaha!



I have a NEPHEW!  
We're SO EXCITED for Kiji and Patrick! Welcome to the family, Easton James!!!

Also, Jordi may be in Denver December 2-5, which is great news for those of you who've asked about her possibly taking your picture! She's running a Christmas photography deal where she'll take your family pictures AND make your digital Christmas card design for $100 (you even get a cd of pictures from your session to print as you please!). She only has four or five spots open, so let me know ASAP if you're interested.

A few of my favorite pictures she's taken lately:

Fun stuff around here! :)