foam weapons

Burke and I found these foam gems (a sword and an axe) in Target's dollar bin (Adam, obviously, was not with us or we wouldn't have been browsing through the dollar bin... he hates it... but I love it... he might like it more after this find). As I put the foam weaponry in our cart, I told Burke, "You can use these to hit the floor or to hit furniture, but you can't use them to hit people."Fast forward to our arrival at home. Within 15 seconds of us walking in the door, Adam had discovered the foam sword and foam axe in our bounty, tossed the foam sword to Burke, grabbed the foam axe for himself, and the two of them simultaneously started making sword-and-axe fighting sound effects that I can't make (the sound effect ability must be a boys-only thing... Burke seems to have been born with an innate ability to "crash," "bang," "buzz," and "zoom") and jousting in the kitchen.

So much for the "no using these weapons to hit people" rule.

Later I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen holding the foam axe. Burke ran over to me, took the axe from me, handed it to Adam and looked at me like, "What are you thinking, mom?" Point taken, buddy.

As a side note for those of you who have little boys and a Target nearby- it was two dollars well spent.


two side notes

Ok, I know I already showed you pictures of Kiji and Pat's trip to Denver last week. But there are two, sort of important things that I didn't mention.
1. This picture really should have it's own post. It shows BurkeyBaby absolutely crushing Keje at the mindball game at the museum of nature and science. You try to use your brainwaves to push the ball in the other person's direction. Let's just say that the ball never ventured onto Burke's side of the table. And I love how hard Kiji is concentrating, too. It didn't work out so well for her.
2. On this trip, I learned about Kiji's infatuation with Kenny G. I believe she used the term, "sex god," to describe him at one point. In front of my mom no less. Oh, and she thinks people generally confuse Kenny G and Fabio. Anyone out there able to confirm or deny this claim? I'm pretty sure Troy Polamalu got pulled into this unfortunate comparison at one point too (because of the long hair), so I'm including a picture of him as well, you know, just to be fair.

After these little gems, don't you wish you spent the week with us? Seriously good times, people.

***EDITED TO ADD: If you aren't keeping up with the comments to this one, you should take a minute to read them. For those of you who don't have that minute, I'm going to publish Kiji's defense to this post below. I should warn you, it's funnier than the post itself.

OK PEOPLE FIRST OFF LET ME SAY: I am NOT "infatuated" with Kenny G...I think he looks like the sex god for band campers (which I am not) nor have I EVER thought of Kenny as anything more than just the annoying music I have to listen to every Christmas- My point was more to say that men with long hair (enter Fabio) have this "sex god-ish"persona about them but If I remember correctly I did EXCLUDE Pallamolu due to his good character and not sneaky eyes....And onto the brain game- it wasn't a "mind game" guys- it was a test to see who could RELAX their mind and the ball was attracted to the person whose brain waves were going faster- so REALLY good thing I beat a 2 year old..it's all mush up there while I have just SO MUCH information in my noggin I can't turn off my brain to relax mode.

The End :)


aunt didi & uncle pat

I'm in that "missing my family funk" that comes when you put your little sister and her hubs back on planes to idaho and realize that, even though you wish with all your heart that them being here was everyday life, it just isn't. I hate that realization each time it comes upon me.
But I love, and I mean love, the time that we got to spend with Kiji and Pat this last week! Between the museum of nature and science (twice), some retail therapy at anthropologie and forever 21 (that's a funny statement now that I reread it), more presents for burke than he knows what to do with, meeting friends at our church, book reading and restaurant going and white coat ceremony attending and bass pro shop exploring and tattered cover relaxing, and laughing until we cried (literally), well, it was a good, full trip. In fact, you know a visit was really terrific when you hate the idea of your sweet family leaving as much as I hate that thought today.

Burke love. love. LOVES Kiji and Pat. In fact, his first words the last few mornings when I walk into his room in the morning are, "Kiji? Pat?" Today, he keeps showing me the books Kiji gave him, putting his head down in defeat and saying, "Bye bye Didi, bye bye."

Thanks for coming guys! We miss you already!


white coated!

Adam's white coat ceremony was this afternoon... It was so fun to see him up on stage, looking all official and doctor-y. Mark and Evette came up for the festivities... and mom and Kiji joined us as well (so fun that keje was in town for this!). We're so proud of him!

***I get questions about this a lot, so I thought I'd answer this on here- dental school is 4 years (of which, Adam is in the middle of year 2, so still 2 and a half years left just of the school part). Then, residencies can last between 1 and 5 years. We will not be opting for a 5 year residency program (oral surgery). Adam is still up in the air about other specialties, though it seems like he's leaning towards general dentistry. Yep, that's the scoop, you know, just in case you were wondering.


haiti fundraiser at kojo

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that this Thursday, January 21st, Jordi and I are using the kojo etsy shop to do a fundraiser for the relief efforts in Haiti. On that day, 100% of our earnings on stationary and valentines will be donated to organizations working in Haiti (probably Compassion International or World Vision). If you've been meaning to get some cards for yourself or a friend, or if you need a valentine, Thursday is the day for you!


mark's going away party

Earlier this week, Burke and I headed down the Springs to attend Mark's (adam's dad's) retirement party at the Young Life Service Center. I didn't take many pictures, but was so blessed to be there and thought I'd try to articulate a bit about why.

His friends and colleagues put together such a special, heartfelt, "Mark"-ish send off... they catered lunch from El Taco Rey (oh how he loves that place) and gave him thoughtful notes and gifts. Oh, and they got a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. Burke said, "Wow," with every bite.

My favorite part, though, was when they opened the floor for people to share stories and memories and things they appreciate about Mark. People told funny stories about him winning the annual ping pong championship, they shared how they'd been impacted by his perseverance and faith in the midst of trial, they talked about how, as part of his work in the camping department, Mark has implemented various tools over the last 10+ years that will continue to impact Young Life camps for years to come, I heard about his integrity many (many!) times... It was such a sweet thing to be a part of.

I mean, we know how super Mark is, but it was so clear at this going away party that his friends and colleagues have a similar love for him and appreciation for the way he's lived his life that we do. That is such a special thing! I'm thankful for the people who are supporting the Gentry's, and even more thankful for the legacy of faith that Mark is building.


big day

Adam sees his first patient solo today (he's been assisting in the clinic since last year, but today is the first time he sees a patient all by himself)! He was super excited... and maybe a little nervous. :) He doesn't get his white coat until next week, and he still has two and a half years left, but this transition from 'mostly academic work' to 'mostly clinic work' is a step in the right direction. YAY Adam!


new 'do

The blonde locks have been getting wilder and wilder... Today was the day for taming, thanks to Maria at Great Clips!




Doesn't he look like such a big kid now? It's funny what a difference a haircut can make!


snow snow go away

i love this one of us girls in the middleeast... isn't jordi cute when she's pregnant?

So, I know that compared to any of you who live on the east coast, or in the northwest (or really anywhere besides kara in az and megan in ca) our measly little mild winters in Denver seem downright balmy. And I know that I don't have a ton of room to complain when I compare my winters (even this winter) to yours.

However, I think that stuff like weather has a lot to do with what you're used to. And here in Denver, we're used to a few dustings of snow that melt off quickly, followed by a week of 60 degree weather. Even in January.

That being said, this winter with the snow and more snow and cold and more cold has been r.o.u.g.h. on my sunshine loving heart.

So I spent the afternoon looking at pictures of tropical locales that are potential spring break destinations (as well as old beach pics!). I should say that this is not the activity for you if you won't be beachbound for spring break. It might push your already cold and gloomy heart right over the edge (maybe your heart isn't gloomy and cold. Mine is, though.). However, if there's a chance that the forecast for you this spring is "sandy warmth with a chance of poolside daiquiris" than I cannot recommend this activity any more highly. I feel warmer just glancing through these pictures. Ahhh, March, please come quickly.


so, so thankful

Today I've been thinking and thinking about how dang thankful I am for my boys.

Burke is such a little man right now- talking up a storm (his rapidly expanding vocab astounds me daily!), learning his colors (he has "yellow" down), showing off his dance moves (and they are awesome... seriously, awesome). He gets so excited about seeing his friends and his grandparents (especially his best buddy, Luca, who he calls "Duca"), tells me that he misses his cousins about 20 times a day, and has a passion for reading. Today is one of those days when I just can't believe what a little kid he's becoming and how lucky we are to have him in our family.

I've been so thankful for Adam, too, today. If you're single and you're reading this, I have some advice for you- always (ALWAYS) choose someone with a selfless heart over someone with grand romantic gestures. The behind the scenes little stuff impacts your daily life so. very. much. And when you end up with someone who is great at that not-as-grandiose stuff (like I did), you'll be continually amazed and thankful at how very grand romantic gesture-y the little stuff ends up being when it adds up.


happy new year!

I posted the whole story of our family's fabulous New Year's Eve traditions over at the kojo blog, so I won't go through all of it again. But this picture of December 31st, 1992 is just too fabulous not to share. Check it out, y'all.

Highlights? Kiji's cuteness, Aji's bangs, Dad's facial expression, dear gracious- MY facial expression (I had a generally happy childhood, so the bad attitude is just uncalled for), the belt that I chose to wear over my pajama pants (are those pajama pants? gosh let's hope so, right?). My favorite part, though, is the fact that my parents continued our family traditions even through high school and college, no matter how too-cool we were for them. And I love, LOVE, the way we spent New Year's Eve together.

Happy 2010, y'all!