Life as a mountain baby... a diaper and tevas!


Christmas with the Gentry's

We celebrated an early Christmas with the Gentry's this year... A few nights ago, we sat around and told stories about Christmases past. I love hearing Mark and Evette's memories from when they were growing up.

And yesterday morning, we opened presents. Burke, of course, was mostly interested in the wrapping paper and tags (his mama, on the other hand, was very interested in all his darling gifts!).

Great food, fabulous company and more gifts than we know what to do with- we are spoiled indeed!



I know, I know... we could have started this whole 'solid foods' thing a few months ago. But we didn't and are just getting started now. Turns out, Burke's a rice cereal champ. It's a good thing, too, because judging from the time it took us to get this food thing started, he won't try fruits or vegetables until he's one. :)


yay for adam!

After countless hours of studying, Adam's dental school finals are done! HOORAY! There was some serious celebrating by the Gentry family this weekend... including the dental school Christmas party (dubbed 'dental school prom' by one of adam's classmates- haha)! It was so fun to get dressed up and dance and be surrounded by people who were in a similarly celebratory mood!


christmas cheer

Spreading holiday cheer with Tom... :)


my new trick

I still only roll if absolutely neccesary (i.e. to escape from tummy time). I don't crawl. And while my friends Annie and George Owen have teeth, mine are still resting in the warm comfort of my gums.

But I can sit up with the best of them.


don't judge me

After all of my big talk about loving organization, this is the current state of my craft room. I know in my head that I would get more done if I took some time to clean, but my "to make before Christmas" list (even the pared down version) looms above me like a cloud. Don't look too closely- your Christmas gift is probably in the mix somewhere.


delightful Christmas tree

Lita and Papa L. trekked through the mountains this year to find us the most fabulous tree we've ever had. In keeping with tradition, we decorated it as "Christmas on the Beach" (my dad's favorite decorating music) filled our house with merry reggae tunes. I love filling our tree with a mishmash of ornaments we've collected in our travels, ones from our trees growing up, and now ornaments with Burke's name on them. We told Burke the story of the each ornament we hung on the tree... though, some of the stories sounded like this, "This is an ornament that I liked at Crate and Barrel last year and bought it on sale the day after Christmas." Hooray for Christmas decorating!!!


holding pattern

The other night, I walked into the bathroom to find my sweet baby boy plopped in the bathroom sink, waiting for his shower. The faucet delighted him- until he turned the water on and soaked himself. Maybe next time we'll just stick with the floor.



Lately Adam has been learning about the formation of the face in his Anatomy class. Did you know that by the time a baby in six weeks old in utero that all of the major facial structures have already been formed/connected? And that there are literally hundreds and thousands of things that have to go just right for the face to develop?

Every time Adam tells me about it, I am struck by the miracle that Burke is. I am so thankful that even though we couldn't see him a year ago, that the Lord was literally knitting him together in my womb. I can't fathom the hundreds of thousands of steps it took to create Burke... what a miracle he is!


burke's new bff's

Not only are Uncle Aaron and Aunt Leslie charter members of the Burke Fan Club, they are also his new best friends. He would spend forever hanging out with them, telling them all of his secrets and playing with them on the floor if he could. It delights my heart to see how much he loves them! He's counting down the days until they get here for Christmas. :)


where are my people?

After being cuddled, snuggled, entertained, and held for the last ten days, Burke spent today wondering, "Where is my fan club? Where are my people? Where is my paparazi? Why am I not being held?"

Here are some pictures of our week in Texas... we had a great Thanksgiving, introduced Burke to Aunt Leslie, Mimi and some other new friends (not new to us, new to him), did some serious Black Friday shopping, and are back in one piece.