thankful tuesday

Today I'm thankful for:

-Good food (and great people to share it with!). A couple weeks ago, we did Restaurant Week at The Fort with Mom and Dad- SO FUN.

-The stage Burke is in right now. He's sort of ornery, but if you can get past that, his curiosity (and vocab!) are hilarious!

-Sleep! Piper Jane has a lot going for (her cuteness, for example), but sleep is not one of those things (she's only slept through the night a few times)... However, we've had a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep in the last couple weeks. Those nights are glorious.

-Dallas! We're here for Spring Break- woohoo! We're catching up with friends, loving having time with Aaron, Leslie and Hannah, and filling our days with fun 'field trips' (YAY for Ikea!). I'm so thankful for time off!



If you love cold weather (ahem, Jord), I don't know if you can fully appreciate the feeling of sheer delight that comes with the beginning of Spring. It's like the feeling on Friday afternoon with the work week behind you and the entire weekend stretched out in front of you.

And even though I'm certain we have some chilly weather still coming to us, it's been gorgeous in Denver lately. We've been soaking up the sunshine and spending all sorts of time outside.

I sort of forgot how dirty Burke gets when he digs around in the garden all day long. In case you're wondering, it's pretty dirty.


sista sista

The highlight of this last couple weeks? A day with Keje and Easton (they were for just over 24 hours in route to Lubbock- so fun!)! WOOHOO!

Little East and his rooster hair were quite the hit around here (though, Burke did say to me, "I thought Easton was littler than Piper Jane" hahahaha!). What a cute little man- and so fun to see my sis as his mama. Burke can't stop talking about him- I love it that there's another boy cousin for him to team up with.

One of my favorite conversations consisted of Keje and I lamenting our joint inability to say no to people. She suggested we take a course in Boundaries. I mostly love having someone to commiserate with about this (Adam, being oh-so un-people-pleaser-y, does not quite understand my tendency to fill my plate to overflowing all in the name of not disappointing people).

I love having the chance to hang out with my siblings- even if it's just for a day. Love those guys.

ps- Two funny sidenotes- notice how Burke is sort of an adventure to take pictures of right now (including how he's trying to escape from mom and dad- haha!). Also, Piper Jane needs to get some hair. Stat.


thankful tuesday

It's March 1st. Thank the Lord. Seriously, I couldn't be more excited for Spring/Summer.

Also, I love Frontier Ranch...

....but not as much as I love having time with some of my favorite girls in the world. A weekend of good food and a cozy fire and great conversation (plus my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard) was just what the doctor ordered.

Thankful is the word of the week- I am thankful for Spring coming, thankful for my husband keeping the kiddos last weekend, thankful for girl time, thankful that Piper Jane took a bottle for Adam (it was touch and go there for a bit), just thankful.