tuesday catch up

Burke got his hair cut Monday! I LOVE his long blonde curls, but they were a bit out of control. I have to be honest, I miss the wildness. But it'll grow back, right?

We had the perfect 'family night' the other evening- we rented a movie, had a Chick Fil A picnic, lounged in our jammies. Fabulous... Though, we also have had a serious case of the Terrible Twos running around. It's definitely not all Cozy Picnics around here.

We were guests on MADE on Friday. I love that blog, so it's so fun to be Dana's guest!

I made a bunch of other versions of the tea wreath this week (for a couple of submission projects) and now have four tea wreaths at my house. Anyone need one?

Little Miss Priss is right on the brink of crawling. I kind of would rather that she'd just stay still- haha! I might have to start vacuuming and mopping more often.

Seeing Burke and Piper love each other is the highlight of my day... he reads to her and she giggles at him (and grabs his hair- haha!). I know it won't always be like this, but it is so. darn. sweet.

Loved watching the boys at Wings-and-Poker night... too funny!

Headed here this weekend with some girlies... counting down the hours!


Kara said...

Could your kids be any cuter?! The picture of them laying and reading together is too adorable...they look so much alike!

Love all your tea wreaths, so beautiful! I have them on my to-make list after Natalie's wedding!

Kate said...

Could Burke look anymore like a toddler version of Adam? Wow, the hair really makes that similarity show! I hope the easier combing makes missing the curls easier. :)

mom/carla said...

I really see "Adam" with Burke's shorter hair (not like I couldn't see if before or with his longer hair). I really enjoy the pictures, especially those with him snuggling with his baby sister :)

I hope that you have a really fun time with "your girls" this weekend!!!

Jordan said...

He looks so grown up with his haircut! hoping you have a GREAT weekend!