thankful tuesday

Today I'm thankful for:

-Good food (and great people to share it with!). A couple weeks ago, we did Restaurant Week at The Fort with Mom and Dad- SO FUN.

-The stage Burke is in right now. He's sort of ornery, but if you can get past that, his curiosity (and vocab!) are hilarious!

-Sleep! Piper Jane has a lot going for (her cuteness, for example), but sleep is not one of those things (she's only slept through the night a few times)... However, we've had a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep in the last couple weeks. Those nights are glorious.

-Dallas! We're here for Spring Break- woohoo! We're catching up with friends, loving having time with Aaron, Leslie and Hannah, and filling our days with fun 'field trips' (YAY for Ikea!). I'm so thankful for time off!


Jen W said...

Look at your gorgeous kids! So cute ;)

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very cute baby.

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