sista sista

The highlight of this last couple weeks? A day with Keje and Easton (they were for just over 24 hours in route to Lubbock- so fun!)! WOOHOO!

Little East and his rooster hair were quite the hit around here (though, Burke did say to me, "I thought Easton was littler than Piper Jane" hahahaha!). What a cute little man- and so fun to see my sis as his mama. Burke can't stop talking about him- I love it that there's another boy cousin for him to team up with.

One of my favorite conversations consisted of Keje and I lamenting our joint inability to say no to people. She suggested we take a course in Boundaries. I mostly love having someone to commiserate with about this (Adam, being oh-so un-people-pleaser-y, does not quite understand my tendency to fill my plate to overflowing all in the name of not disappointing people).

I love having the chance to hang out with my siblings- even if it's just for a day. Love those guys.

ps- Two funny sidenotes- notice how Burke is sort of an adventure to take pictures of right now (including how he's trying to escape from mom and dad- haha!). Also, Piper Jane needs to get some hair. Stat.

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