thankful tuesday

It's March 1st. Thank the Lord. Seriously, I couldn't be more excited for Spring/Summer.

Also, I love Frontier Ranch...

....but not as much as I love having time with some of my favorite girls in the world. A weekend of good food and a cozy fire and great conversation (plus my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard) was just what the doctor ordered.

Thankful is the word of the week- I am thankful for Spring coming, thankful for my husband keeping the kiddos last weekend, thankful for girl time, thankful that Piper Jane took a bottle for Adam (it was touch and go there for a bit), just thankful.


Tricia said...

So great kirst! i know I was sooo exciting when writing 3/1 on my papers this morning at work. Looks like you guys had a great time! Glad to hear it!

mom/carla said...

I'm thankful that you have good friends to spend time with, too!